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A major component to the Woodbury facility is the Electric Discharge Cutting Machine (EDM). The EDM is an effective machining process, which utilizes a continually moving wire electrode to navigate tooling specifications.  The Electro-thermal nature of the erosion process exemplifies the enhanced versatility to our tool & die operations.

          TOOL & DIE

    Only the skill and dedication of the Tool & Die makers who operate the mills and lathes in our Tool & Die department rival the sophistication of our equipment.


    The Tool & Die staff's expertise has evolved from extensive training and decades in the production of intricate dies and precise tooling.

Total customer satisfaction continues to be the principal objective at Woodbury Stampings, Inc. We strive to meet or exceed customer satisfaction in the quality process. Therefore, routine quality inspections are conducted from the first part to every hour and at completion to guarantee customer compliance.

    Woodbury Stampings, Inc. is a full service die shop.  A large part of our business is building new tooling and repairing tooling.

    We have two experienced engineers with the capabilities of doing design work and using AutoCad.

    With over 60 years of combined experience, our customers expect and receive the highest quality production of parts.  We take great pride in the continuous training of our employees to ensure the highest standards of quality are maintained.

    As an added bonus to our clients, we are equipped to pick up and deliver loads up to 15,000 pounds.

Call us for a free cost analysis of your job today.  We are all waiting to assist you.

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